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Book cover for Second City Trilogy by Cónal Creedon

Cónal Creedon

Second City Trilogy

Three stage plays – The Cure, When I Was God & After Luke

Three stage plays (The Cure, When I Was God & After Luke) – conceived as a tragicomic exploration of various father-son relationships, set against the social, historical and topographical background of Cork City, the second city of the Republic of Ireland. The trilogy is comprised of three short plays and is structured such that the casting requirements of all three plays can be met by three actors, with each actor appearing in two of the plays.

THE CURE. In times of personal crisis, either a cure or a miracle may be required to turn a life around. Our anti-hero is incapable of confronting and dealing with a number of personal issues. It is a recurring theme in his life, a theme that has been handed down, from generation to generation through the male line in his family, like a baton in a relay race. We meet him trawling the streets looking for an early morning pub in search of a cure. But fate takes a hand to his feet and the streets of Cork become his road to Damascus.

WHEN I WAS GOD. It’s FAI Cup Final day. Referee Dino Keegan is retiring from the game. At half-time the spotlight of self-doubt shines directly down on Dino as the ghosts of his past visit him in his dressing room. On the field of dreams the referee is God, but what happens when God is made man?

AFTER LUKE. Is inspired by the parable of the Prodigal Son, in St. Luke’s Gospel. It explores greed-driven frenzy surrounding the property market at the height of the Celtic Tiger economy. The action unfolds in that contentious place where concrete and asphalt meet pasture and stone and urban necessity collides with the rural idyll – with devastatingly tragic consequences.

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