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Book cover for The Immortal Deed of Michael O’Leary by Cónal Creedon

Cónal Creedon

The Immortal Deed of Michael O’Leary

Michael O’Leary was born in Iveleary, the ancient tribal homeland of the O’Leary clan. It is a land of the warrior and the poet, where history and story go hand in hand, and the spiritual and the natural complement each other without contradiction or contrivance.This is a story of Ireland with the clan O’Leary at its core. It offers a perspective of Irish history as viewed from the half-door of a hillside cottage in Iveleary. It is a saga that thunders along the beautiful green and leafy Lee Valley – from its mystical source high up over Gougán, all the way to the Gearagh and the broad meandering latticework of waterways of Corcach Mór na Mumhan. Iveleary is not just a destination, it is a journey into time; it is a sound, a scent, a state of mind. Cónal Creedon invites you to join him on his voyage of discovery into the heartland of O’Leary country; a land where fact and fiction dovetail together seamlessly, and pagan tradition and Christian belief become one.

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